Water Leak Detection Services

Water leaks are a common household problem but can cause severe damage if not addressed in time. Even the smallest leak can destroy drywall or lead to other major issues.

The most challenging part is locating the leak, as it is not always a visible problem. This is why relying on an experienced plumber like Projection Plumbing is important. We use special techniques and leak detection equipment to determine the source of the leak and accurately and quickly repair it.

If you suspect a water leak from high utility bills or a dripping sound, contact the experts at Projection Plumbing immediately. 

Signs of a Water Leak

  • Damp or discoloured patches on your ceiling, walls, or floors
  • Mouldy spots around walls that are next to wet rooms like the bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen.
  • A sudden and unexplained increase in your water bill
  • Noises from your plumbing system
  • Low water pressure
  • Wet patches in the garden (not caused by weather conditions)
  • Presence of musty smells

Why Use A Professional?

A professional plumber uses specific techniques and special detection equipment to determine the cause of your water leak; these include:

  • Inspecting the pipes using video equipment
  • Heat scanners
  • Using acoustic listening devices to listen to the noise of water and detect leaks with little or no invasion
  • Professional training
  • Pressure Tests


How Can a Water Leak Affect Your Property?

Water can soak and damage your walls or drywall, ceiling, floors, and any other area that comes into contact with water. It can also cause plaster and wood to rot and ruin your furniture. Further problems include:


  • Soil erosion affecting your foundation 
  • Sewer backup
  • Mildew buildup could lead to health concerns
  • High utility bills
  • Waste of a valuable resource

Best Water Leak Detection Services

Team of Expert Plumbers

Our team of fully licensed plumbers offers quality water leak detection in Brisbane North. Our trained plumbers have the knowledge and experience to find leaks quickly and fix them with as little trouble as possible.

Quick response and prompt service

We are always available for plumbing water leak detection in Brisbane whenever you need us. Our team services everywhere in Brisbane, including the Southside, Bayside, and Northside. Since we are here in Brisbane metropolitan area, we can offer swift water leak detection services to everyone, even on short notice. We also offer commercial water leak detection services. So whether you require water leak detection in Brisbane North or South, you can call us for quality service.

Non-invasive Leak Detection Approach

Our fully qualified technicians use methods that will not destroy your property when locating difficult, concealed water leaks efficiently. This sets us apart from other plumbers in Brisbane since our methods can save you time and money.

Transparent pricing

Having a transparent pricing structure, trustworthy professionals, and an exemplary reputation in the industry, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with us!

Exceptional Customer Service

We are always delighted to help our customers detect their water leak issues. As such, we have a dedicated customer service team that will answer any questions you may have and direct you to the optimal solution to fix your plumbing issues.

We are experts in the field

Our team uses only state-of-the-art tools, equipment, and the latest technology, such as the Acoustic Leak Detector, for water leak detection in Brisbane.

    How Projection Plumbing Can Help?

    • Our team is fully licensed and insured
    • Non-invasive approach
    • Transparent pricing
    • We are experts in the field

    Contact Projection Plumbing for all your plumbing problems in your Brisbane home or office. 

    Our Services Include the Following

    Projection Plumbing provides various water leak detection services to protect your home or business. Our water leak detection and repair services are unparalleled, and you can rely on our professionals for all your plumbing needs.

    CCTV Sewage Camera Surveys

    With our camera inspection tools, we are able to provide the precise location of leaks.

    Acoustic Listening Devices

    We use the best acoustic listening equipment to listen to the sound of water and locate leaks with minimal or no intrusion.

    Hidden Leak Detection

    We can help locate a breach in concrete slabs, soil, or walls.

    Heat Scanning

    Our thermal imaging camera and equipment for measuring moisture enable us to identify the source and origin of leaks rapidly.

    Let Us Help You With Leak Detection in Brisbane

    We can assist you if you have a water leak on your property and suspect a damaged pipe but are unsure of its location. Using Acoustic Listening and other special methods, we can accurately and non-invasively locate even the most difficult water leaks.

    Contact Projection Plumbing for all your plumbing problems in your Brisbane home or office.



    I noticed some black mould under my kitchen sink and heard about PP through word of mouth. They lived up to their reputation and went above and beyond. Jasper was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. All was fixed in a timely manner and very affordable.
    Josh Bennett
    Josh Bennett
    04:22 11 Jul 22
    I noticed some black mould under my kitchen sink and heard about PP through word of mouth. They lived up to their reputation and went above and beyond. Jasper was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. All was fixed in a timely manner and very affordable. Thanks Jasper, stay safe on those motorbikes 😉
    Josh Bennett
    Josh Bennett
    03:30 07 Jul 22
    Thank you guys for an awesome job. Loving the new hot water system. Very professional service highly recommend.
    Denise Quaile
    Denise Quaile
    23:36 05 Jul 22
    Josh and Jason fitted our ensuite last week and did a brilliant job. Such lovely guys
    Beth Pie
    Beth Pie
    23:32 05 Jul 22
    Josh has been out to sort out a few plumbing problems I have experienced since buying my house. With next to no knowledge about plumbing myself he is more than happy to send the guys out to have a look at the most miniscule of problems (like an empty gas bottle lol), nothing is a hassle! They are always available to come out very quickly, super friendly, and prompt and efficient. I would 100% recommend Josh and the team at Projection Plumbing!
    Meagan Cartwright
    Meagan Cartwright
    11:20 05 Jul 22
    Josh & Jason were fabulous & did an amazing job. I have had to put up with cold showers for I don’t know when! I’ve been avoiding dealing with multiple repairs & tradies. What a pleasure dealing with Projection Plumbing. They were very professional, on time, price was good & they cleaned up afterwards. The job turned out to be more challenging then first thought but they were determined to fix my problem & I’m very grateful. I wouldn’t use anyone else.
    Trish Hammond
    Trish Hammond
    09:58 16 Jun 22
    Finally, a tradie that shows up on time!!! Josh and Jason communicated well, were prompt and efficient and unblocked my drain in no time at all. Thanks guys.
    Emma Williams
    Emma Williams
    07:20 20 May 22
    Josh was amazing. He came exactly when he said he would and messaged updates when he said he would. He understood the problem and tried some cheaper options for us before he had to remove our toilet completely. Josh was extremely friendly and talked me through every step as he went. He left our toilet in perfect working order and cleaned up after the work. I will definitely use Projection Plumbing again after this experience. Thanks Josh for your outstanding service
    Brad Dundas
    Brad Dundas
    09:25 07 Apr 22
    We were looking for a plumber to use as our regular and Josh was highly recommended by one of our customers. We are a restaurant and had a hot water heater meltdown and of course desperate to get it fixed asap. Josh came to the rescue and arrived on time the next day and installed a new system and did a fantastic job at a realistic price. We couldn’t be happier with his service. He will certainly now be our regular plumber. I’ve already recommended him to my brother in law who had the same problem and he also had the best of service from Josh.
    Bruce Davis
    Bruce Davis
    05:36 06 Apr 22
    Josh is a true professional, I wouldn’t want to use anyone else! Always reliable and gets the job done to the highest of quality! Absolute legend!
    Bodie Smith
    Bodie Smith
    10:25 05 Apr 22


    What is a water leak detection system?

    A water leak detection system is a system that monitors the flow of water in pipes. With this system, you can spot concealed leaks in your pipes and act accordingly.

    What are the indications of a water leak?

    A concealed leak in your pipes can give off different signs. Early warning signs could include a sudden increase in your average water bills. You may also spot signs of dampness, such as large bubbles behind paint or wallpaper and damp baseboards. Sometimes, sounds of distant dripping or hissing might indicate water leaks.

    How can I locate a water seep beneath a concrete slab?

    Locating a leak under a concrete slab is a difficult task that requires a licensed local plumber. The plumber typically needs to trace the pipe’s origin and use advanced CCTV sewer camera technology to see where the naked eye cannot.

    What causes pipes to leak?

    Water leaks generally happen as pipes age. As pipes age, they tend to crack, leading to hidden leaks. Corrosion of metal pipes can also cause a hidden water leak. Finally, water leaks can also occur when you use the services of unprofessional plumbers.

    What are the types of leak detection?

    Water leak detection can be done in a number of ways, such as by using an underground microphone system or by testing the pressure in the system.

    The site of a leaking pipe typically gives acoustic vibrational waves. Using underground microphones, you can easily locate these acoustic vibrational waves.

    Another method of leak detection is to test for pressure in the system. Using this system, if the pressure in a system suddenly drops or the pressure in a vacuum chamber goes up, it shows a concealed water leak.

    Can you detect a water leak underground?

    Yes, our water leak detection Brisbane services include underground water leak detection.

    How does water leak detection work?

    Our leak detection experts in Brisbane use specialised equipment, such as underground microphones and pressure tests, to locate concealed leaks.

    How much does a water leak detection cost?

    It’s hard to say how much our plumbing water leak detection services will cost you. The reason is that the price of leak detection and repair services typically varies based on factors like your location in Brisbane, the water pipe location and many other important factors.

    How accurate is leak detection?

    Our leak detection specialists are trained to find leaks with the topmost accuracy. Using the best equipment available, we can locate your leaks quickly and precisely, even if they are buried below the ground.

    How long does a leak detection take?

    It’s hard to give a timeframe for how long our leak detection Brisbane service will take. Usually, every concealed leak detection issue is unique. As such, every water leaking issue will require different water leak detection techniques that might take different times to complete.

    Ready to get your plumbing project moving forward?