Blocked Drain Plumbing Services

Blocked drains are a common plumbing issue in Brisbane. They are a pain; unfortunately, many people fail to recognise the signs of a clogged drain until the problem becomes serious. 

Blocked drains can become a health hazard when they affect the water quality in your house and could even lead to structural and aesthetic damage. The experts at Projection Plumbing have all the right equipment, tools and experience to deal with your blocked brain. 


What Causes Blocked Drains? 

Many factors can cause a congested drain: waste (hair, soap, debris, small objects) buildup, silt, fat buildup, roots, and poor drain pipe infrastructure. 

While DIY methods can resolve some obstructions, others will require a professional plumber to resolve the issue. 

5 Signs of a Blocked Drain 

  • Higher water level in your toilet
  • Toilet flushing slowly
  • Foul odour coming from your drain
  • Odd noises when you flush
  • Gurgling or other strange noises coming from your pipes

How Does a Professional Unblock Your Drain? 

Blocked drains are smelly, unhealthy and inconvenient. Fortunately, with cutting-edge CCTV cameras and detection equipment, Projection Plumbing will resolve the issue with the least amount of disturbance to your home or commercial premise.  

We effectively address your blockage using special equipment to determine the source of the problem. 

We then use jet blasting and other drain cleaning techniques to eliminate the blockage. Finally, we perform maintenance tasks to prevent the problem from recurring. 

Projection Plumbing Blocked Drain Services 

Our drain cleaning services are available 24/7. We take great pride in our small team of technicians who are qualified, courteous, and skilled blocked drain experts. 

We provide the following quick and effective plumbing and drain cleaning services throughout Brisbane:

  • Blocked Pipes
  • Blocked Sinks
  • Blocked Toilets
  • Blocked Stormwater Drains
  • Blocked Sewer Drains
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Jet Blasting
  • CCTV Drain Inspections
  • Emergency Clogged Drain 
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Pipe Relining


I noticed some black mould under my kitchen sink and heard about PP through word of mouth. They lived up to their reputation and went above and beyond. Jasper was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. All was fixed in a timely manner and very affordable.
Josh Bennett
Josh Bennett
04:22 11 Jul 22
I noticed some black mould under my kitchen sink and heard about PP through word of mouth. They lived up to their reputation and went above and beyond. Jasper was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. All was fixed in a timely manner and very affordable. Thanks Jasper, stay safe on those motorbikes 😉
Josh Bennett
Josh Bennett
03:30 07 Jul 22
Thank you guys for an awesome job. Loving the new hot water system. Very professional service highly recommend.
Denise Quaile
Denise Quaile
23:36 05 Jul 22
Josh and Jason fitted our ensuite last week and did a brilliant job. Such lovely guys
Beth Pie
Beth Pie
23:32 05 Jul 22
Josh has been out to sort out a few plumbing problems I have experienced since buying my house. With next to no knowledge about plumbing myself he is more than happy to send the guys out to have a look at the most miniscule of problems (like an empty gas bottle lol), nothing is a hassle! They are always available to come out very quickly, super friendly, and prompt and efficient. I would 100% recommend Josh and the team at Projection Plumbing!
Meagan Cartwright
Meagan Cartwright
11:20 05 Jul 22
Josh & Jason were fabulous & did an amazing job. I have had to put up with cold showers for I don’t know when! I’ve been avoiding dealing with multiple repairs & tradies. What a pleasure dealing with Projection Plumbing. They were very professional, on time, price was good & they cleaned up afterwards. The job turned out to be more challenging then first thought but they were determined to fix my problem & I’m very grateful. I wouldn’t use anyone else.
Trish Hammond
Trish Hammond
09:58 16 Jun 22
Finally, a tradie that shows up on time!!! Josh and Jason communicated well, were prompt and efficient and unblocked my drain in no time at all. Thanks guys.
Emma Williams
Emma Williams
07:20 20 May 22
Josh was amazing. He came exactly when he said he would and messaged updates when he said he would. He understood the problem and tried some cheaper options for us before he had to remove our toilet completely. Josh was extremely friendly and talked me through every step as he went. He left our toilet in perfect working order and cleaned up after the work. I will definitely use Projection Plumbing again after this experience. Thanks Josh for your outstanding service
Brad Dundas
Brad Dundas
09:25 07 Apr 22
We were looking for a plumber to use as our regular and Josh was highly recommended by one of our customers. We are a restaurant and had a hot water heater meltdown and of course desperate to get it fixed asap. Josh came to the rescue and arrived on time the next day and installed a new system and did a fantastic job at a realistic price. We couldn’t be happier with his service. He will certainly now be our regular plumber. I’ve already recommended him to my brother in law who had the same problem and he also had the best of service from Josh.
Bruce Davis
Bruce Davis
05:36 06 Apr 22
Josh is a true professional, I wouldn’t want to use anyone else! Always reliable and gets the job done to the highest of quality! Absolute legend!
Bodie Smith
Bodie Smith
10:25 05 Apr 22

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Tell if My Drain is Blocked?

If your sink, toilet, bath, or shower is draining slowly, this can be one of the most evident signs of a blocked drain. Other signs include gurgling, water not draining, smell, odour from pipes, or odour from drains.

How Does the Plumber Know What is Blocking the Drain?

To discover the cause of the blockage, we usually conduct a visual investigation of the blocked sewer lines. We also have CCTV cameras we can use to inspect inside the pipes and drains, which are used to reveal cracks or damages in the pipes.

Can I Clear a Blocked Drain Myself?

You can clear minor blockages yourself using a plunger; more serious blockages require specialised equipment. Mild blockages can be removed using hot water and a natural cleansing mixture of bicarbonate soda and vinegar. 

However, we recommend contacting a professional, regardless of how simple the issue might look initially. This is because seemingly simple issues can quickly develop into more complicated problems, if not handled properly, costing you more money in the long run.

How Do You Clear a Blocked Drain in Brisbane?

We use a jet rodder device that blasts water at a high pressure of around 5000 psi to clear most blockages. This water pressure is often strong enough to push out any dirt that might be blocking your drain.

What Equipment Do You Use to Clear Blocked Drains?

We use a motorised drain auger, sometimes referred to as a drain snake, which is the standard drain cleaner tool plumbers use to remove clogs in pipes. An auger is made of a long, flexible coil of metal that twists like a corkscrew. The auger’s tip descends the drain until it encounters the obstruction.

How Long Does It Take to Clear a Blocked Drain?

The time to clear a drain is variable and depends on the blockage’s severity. Professional drain cleaning usually takes about two hours.

Do You Offer Emergency Services for Blocked Drains?

Yes, we offer emergency drain clearing. We follow all relevant health and safety precautions to minimise any risk to clients or property.

What Precautions Do You Take to Prevent Damage to My Property While Clearing a Blocked Drain?

To avoid accidents and damage to your property, we always turn off the water before starting a plumbing repair. While making plumbing repairs, we also adhere to all relevant health and safety requirements, to secure your safety and the safety of your house and any guests.

How Much Does It Cost to Unblock a Drain?

We offer drain-clearing services from $166 + GST. Keep in mind that the cost of clearing drains will depend on how accessible the sewage line is.

Do You Offer Any Guarantees on Your Drain Clearing Services?

We cannot guarantee this service as there could be a multitude of factors causing the blockage. However, we promise to provide the most appropriate drain-clearing service in Brisbane at a fair price.

How Can I Prevent My Drains From Becoming Blocked in the Future?

To prevent blockages, do not place anything down drains or pipes that are not approved, such as tampons or baby wipes. Removing hair from draining will also help minimise the risk of a blockage.

Why Choose Projection Plumbing for Drain Cleaning in Brisbane?

Projection plumbing can offer expertise and specialised equipment to clear blockages efficiently. We can handle all of your plumbing demands thanks to our more than 15 years of experience in the plumbing industry across various sectors.

Projection Plumbing is available to help you whether you are planning renovations, have discovered a leak, or simply feel something is not right. Get in touch with us today to get your plumbing projects moving in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Ready to get your plumbing project moving forward?